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Hello and welcome to our historic Tour 2 "From the town hall to Germany's oldest vineyard"! Follow us on a journey through time and discover Nierstein’s eventful history with our audio guide.


Where can you find the “The Glöck” - the oldest known vinyard in Germany?
Where was the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and jungle doctor Albert Schweitzer a frequent guest?
Why do the famous Götzenberg frescoes in Nierstein’s Castle still shine as brightly as on the first day?
And how did the knights on the watch tower warn Nierstein's neighbors Oppenheim and Schwabsburg against attackers - high up in the vineyards?
Come with us! We'll tell you on the way! At 10 interesting places we bring Nierstein's history to life. With interesting audio contributions and a short film about Nierstein’s Castle. Funded by the EU in cooperation with Nierstein’s History Society.

Our tour takes about one and a half hours and is easy to manage on foot or by bike. For the last section to St. Kilian's Church and the Wartturm Watch Tower you need to be a good walker, as they are uphill and the path can be a bit steep. But once you get there you’ll be rewarded with a great view over Nierstein and the Rhine Valley! Alternatively, you can end the tour at the castle and get yourself comfortable in a café, restaurant or in a winery around the market square.


All right, you are already standing in front of our first stop! Nierstein’s town hall, which was once a winery - with a very smart owner! Do you want to hear the story? Then simply use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the slightly smaller kulTour sign with the label “Weingut Finck”!

Tour 2 – Station 1: Finck’s winery

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