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History at every turn!

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Hello and welcome to our cultural tour 1 “Around the historic market square”! Follow us on a journey through time and discover Nierstein’s eventful past with our audio guide.


Where can you find the world’s smallest dinosaur in Nierstein?
How did the Nierstein nobility protect themselves from attackers in the Middle Ages?
What about the secret tunnels under the market square?
Where did Nierstein’s knights meet to administer the law?
What happened to Nierstein’s moated castle?
And where did a nobleman have to defend his wife’s honor?

Come with us! We’ll tell you on the way! We’ll take you to 16 places where Nierstein’s history becomes alive with interesting audio contributions and two short films – funded by the EU and in cooperation with Nierstein’s History Society.


Our historic tour 1 takes about one hour; the distances are very short and easy to manage by foot. From the last stop you are back here on the market square within in three minutes only.
Our first stop is the Haxthäuser Hof, the large, yellow building at the end of the market square towards the Rhine.
During our tour a map on the website of each station will help you find your way!

Tour 1 – Station 1: Haxthäuser Court

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