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The cultural tour 2 takes you from Nierstein’s town hall to the “Glöck vinyard”, the oldest known vineyard in Germany.


We'll show you where the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and jungle doctor Albert Schweitzer was a frequent guest We’ll explain why the famous Götzenberg frescoes in Nierstein’s Castle still shine as fresh as on the first day. And we’ll take you to the most beautiful lookouts in the vineyards, where Nierstein’s knights used to warn the neighboring towns of Oppenheim and Schwabsburg of attackers.


The tour takes about one and a half hours and begins at Nierstein’s town hall, which you can reach from here by a 10-minute walk. It takes about 5 minutes by bike and also 5 minutes by car. The map on this website shows you how to get there.

Tour 2 – Station 1: Finck’s winery

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